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Keywords:Aedes japonicus, East Asian bush mosquito, East Asian rock pool mosquito, Ochlerotatus (Finlaya) japonicus japonicus, Ochlerotatus japonicus, West Nile virus, adult, blood, diptera, engorged, entomology, female, golden, insect, japan, lyre, mosquito, scutum, stripes, striping, transmission, vector, yellow
Asian rock pool mosquito (Ochlerotatus japonicus) with blood meal

Asian rock pool mosquito (Ochlerotatus japonicus) with blood meal

Engorged female East Asian rock pool mosquito [Ochlerotatus japonicus japonicus]. Introduced to New Jersey in 1998 from Japan/Korea. Transmits West Nile virus in the United States. Capabable of transmitting dengue, chikungunya, and several other viral diseases. Formerly known as Aedes japonicus japonicus, a name that is still prefered by almost everyone, apparently. The new name reflects a more evolutionary way of classifying the species.