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Keywords:Micropezidae, Taeniaptera trivittata, ant mimic, copulating, diptera, entomology, flies, fly, ichneumon, ichneumonid, insect, mating, mimic, mimicry, still-leg flies, stilt-legged flies, thin-waisted, wasp mimic
Copulating stilt-legged flies (Taeniaptera trivittata)

Copulating stilt-legged flies (Taeniaptera trivittata)

Copulating pair of stilt-legged flies (Taeniaptera trivittata). Males (or females, according to one source) apparently brushes the eyes the partner (ritual eye stroking) during mating, though this frame didn't capture that. When flitting around leaves they wave their white-tipped forelegs around and look just like small ichneumon wasps (or ants, depending on which book you're consulting). They have thin waists but the pattern on their wings makes them look even thinner, waspier. Known to feed on rotting Typha, which was abundant nearby (John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, Tinicum, PA).