Colin Purrington Photography | La Selva, Costa Rica

These are from 2008 when I did a short consulting gig for the Organization for Tropical Studies.
Building in San José, Costa RicaChurch in San José, Costa RicaHotel Villa Tournon in San José, Costa RicaJugglers in Costa RicaOld green car in Costa RicaOTS headquarters in Costa RicaOrganization for Tropical StudiesOTS lectureOTS coffee breakFruit truck in Costa RicaFruit peddlers in Costa RicaMuddy and clear streamsBrahmin cattle in Costa RicaLa Campesina restaurantBus stop at La SelvaReception store at La SelvaLunch at La Selva Research StationCosta Rica sex tourism signWeed wacker in full biohazard suitCabin kitchen at La Selva

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